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Prayer for Those Who Need Healing!
Prayer for Family Needs!
U.S. Missions Booth at Arkansas District Council
Joan Ministers in Song
Joan teaching "The Holly 
Spirit & The Conscience"
Bill and Joan
Birthday Congratulations
Bill, Joan, Pastor JR, and  Mia  in their Somoan Church
Joan and CNLD Display
Bill ministers the Word of God
"Preach the Gospel....
      "Be Instant in Season and out... 
"Win Souls"...
       "Heal the Sick"...
"Be filled with the Power of the
       Holy Spirit!

Visiting at the Restaurant With Owen & Priscilla Carr
Children's Choir - Crown Point New Mexico
Great Christian Pastoral 
Family in New Mexico
Awesome Pastors at Native Church Cedar Creek, AZ
Special Pastors in New Mexico
Honored Guests at the Passover Celebration for the Marshalees in Tuson...what an awesome day!
Some the young people where Joan
 presented AIC to the Youth
Native American Pastors
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     Bill and Joan with their Global Shirts
                              Bill Teaching
Eddy During an Exciting Class Discussion
Neil and His Guitar As He Ministers 
on  Sunday morning.
Nejo Reacts to Bill's Stories
Prayer Walk After Neighborhood Shooting close by Native Assembly
Bill ministers in a Native Church in New Mexico
Brenda, in the Process of Becoming Credentialed with Nebraska District.
Bill and Some Students
Bill and Joan
Joan Teaching a Women's Bible Class in Tucson
                      Bill Teaching
AIC Display with Bill
Brenda and Dixie with Bill When They Completed Their Courses for Certification.
Bill Hanging Out With Students
Bill and a couple of students from the first class..
Tim and Wayne Studying before Test
We were honored to have guest visitor in our classes for several hours, Rev. John Maracle, Executive Intercultural Presbyter for the Assemblies of God, and President of the Native American Fellowship. John Maracle is the originator of the CNLD Centers. Our students enjoyed interacting with him. He also contributed some wise comments on the subjects we were teaching and was a personal blessing to me. He spoke at Native American Assembly on Sunday, and a young Native American responded to the invitation, and stepped forward to the altar to experience a genuine salvation! We thank God for anointed leaders in the Assemblies of God! –Bro. Bill